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TriMike Creations began in 2004 as a small, niche engineering firm drawing expertise from a number of long-existing companies.  TMC developed into a “hub” organization bringing together the skills and full-range capabilities of a network of vendors, manufacturers and solution providers in the field of industrial machinery, particularly automated machinery.  But TMC has also demonstrated a great deal of ability and creativity in smaller areas as well.  See our Portfolio for examples of our capabilities. TMC’s business strategy is to position ourselves as a company who can bring together a wide variety of support businesses.  In this fashion, even the largest of projects have the necessary resources available for success.  We want our customers to think of us first when they need apiece of machinery built or a system designed, knowing that we will provide a guaranteed product at an affordable price in the time needed just as they envisioned it. TMC’s administrative strategy is to build a company where people want to come to work every day.  Our employees know that we care about them; after all, they are the company.  There is no “top-down” paradigm at work here.  And no need for a “bottom-up” protocol.  Everyone who works at TMC knows that not only is their input welcome, but it is required.  We know that the best working environment is one in which differing ideas and opinions are valued.  We know that good leadership is one that is empowering, and that the best leader is one who listens and serves.  We work hard at developing this environment, and our customers are the beneficiaries of this approach to business.

BSME, Oregon State University – 2000
Mr. Hadlock holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University, and began his engineering career with TekMax, Inc., of Tangent, Oregon, a world and industry leader in the manufacturing of automated battery-making machinery.  He is a skilled engineer with a creative imagination one expects from an OSU College of Engineering graduate.  Mr. Hadlock has experience in original design and after-market redesign of production machinery and modular in-line processes of machines.  Mr. Hadlock’s skills include process analysis, product flow, power transmission systems, frame systems, pneumatics, sheet metal design, guarding, plastics, and computer-assisted design.  Prior to his service with TekMax, Mr. Hadlock worked with Evanite Products of Corvallis, Oregon, where he was involved with machinery design, data collection and presentation, design of load ratings, and machinery repair and maintenance.  His personal interests and skills include imaginative design and engineering of small toys and toy parts.

Email Michael Hadlock at:  mhadlock@trimike.com

Ph.D., University of Denver, 1976
Dr Beachley is a professor emeritus of Communication Studies at Oregon State University. Dr. Beachley has authored many scholarly works in the field of communication, and has taught a broad variety of courses in Leadership and Administrative Communication. In addition to 35 years of teaching, he served in university administration for 14 years at OSU, served on many boards of directors, editor of scholarly journals, and consulted with many universities, served the UN, the World Health Orginization, and the United States DOD on assignment in Africa. These experiences bring a wealth of good common sense to business practices, and assure an easy and productive style of leadership that focuses on results. Customers benefit greatly from his experience in problem solving skills, and appreciate his innovative “outside-the-box” approach to creative thinking and goal-oriented standards.

Email Dr. Michael Beachley at:  mbeachley@trimike.com