Engineering Design & Services

In today’s economic climate and human resource down trends, Engineering and Project Management are scarce and costly for companies to staff.  Most companies, large and small, either down-sized or phased out their high overhead engineering department or simply could not start or maintain a technical staff on the pay roll.  However, problems persist and manufacturing challenges continues to plague companies to seek for cost effective solutions without internal Engineering support.  The answer is to outsource to TriMike.

TriMike can meet the customer’s needs with cost effective solutions.  TriMike provides the following competitive services:

Contract Services:

  • Mechanical Design
  • Machine Development
  • Production Machinery
  • Product Development
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Process Analysis
  • Modular In-Line Processes
  • Prototyping

Consulting Services:

  •   Engineering and Design
  •   Drafting (2D & 3D)
  •   Manufacturing
  •   Machining
  •   Fabrication
  •   Sheet Metal
  •   Finishing
  •   Assembly