Autoleveling System


The existing assembly line is designed as an in motion assembly process.  Assembly tooling on the line is supported on the floor of the facility such that independent tools would not remain at the same height.  As a result, the assembly system would either not support assembled components or exert excessive forces into the components.

The Autoleveling System updated an existing system with force position feedback and respective controls.  A 7-point support system was used to support the assembled components.  Load cell force feedback was implemented into each point of the 7-point support system to monitor individual axes loads.  Servo position feedback was then used to move individual axes such that the system responded as a single unit.

The result of the Autoleveling System was a system that flexible to properly support assembled components as they are transported across the floor during the assembly process.

Project Highlights

  • Better supported assembled components across uneven floor.
  • Reduced stresses on assembled components and assembly tools.
  • Complete system test prior to live assembly process.