Sealed Tracking Camera Enclosure

TriMike has been involved with several vision and scanning projects that required an enclosure for sealing cameras, sensors and electrical components from the surrounding environment. In the various applications, enclosures need to withstand being blasted with water, impacts from logs and braches, provide temperature control and enable a wide scope of view.

The main points of the Sealed Tracking Camera Enclosure were rigidity and free range of motion of each internal tracking system and the ability to withstand blasts of water. The base plate on the back of the enclosure was designed for mounting the enclosure and camera system. The plate was designed to provide a rigid base for the camera as well as allow a sealed interface for the controls system. An off-the-shelf two-axis gimbal system was used for positioning the camera. Mounting brackets attached to each motor for mounting an encoder to each axis. Brackets for mounting the camera were designed to ensure maintaining of proper camera geometry relative to the gimbal and enclosure.

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