Product Development

One of the great successes in TriMike Creations’ experience is the development of production models of various items.  For example, TMC has been given a vision, idea or plan from customers who want to produce and market their ideas.  TMC engineers designed and developed such products that are now enjoying activity in the marketplace.

A number of our product development projects have resulted in setting up manufacturing protocols and assembly shops complete with QC inspection, shipping, inventory – everything necessary to serve the manufacturing needs of our customer.

TriMike’s award winning product development services focus on taking a product from a concept to a completed design, ready for manufacturing.  We provide the customer with a marketable solution based on the customer’s requirements for the product.

To develop footholds in a market place, it is critical that products are developed as cost effectively as possible while providing optimal performance.  One of TriMike’s real strengths in product development is our ability to leverage manufacturing processes to provide cost effective high quality products.

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