Cassete Folding Table


TriMike developed a Cassette Folding Table for a liquid packaging company in Salem, Oregon. The company focuses on collapsible storage and shipping containers made from multi-layer corrugated paper (Very Large Box.) Large replaceable/reusable insert liners (plastic bags) are place into and supported by the shipping containers to contain the goods for shipping and storage. Liners must unfold properly as they are filled with goods for optimum use and are therefore pre-folded and placed into a corrugated cassette. Liners are presented to the shipping containers in the cassettes, which unfold exposing the liner for use. The unfolded cassette becomes the bottom of the container as supported by a pallet. Prior to being installed into the shipping containers, the cassettes are assembled with the liner and stored until they are ready for use.  TriMike’s job was to develop a cassette assembly machine that worked with the customer’s process. Key points of the machine were ergonomics, ease of use and quick changeover for multiple product configurations.